Bruno Sfeir

 Born in San Jose ( Uruguay) on the 11th of August 1970.


1988-1992 Studies in the National School of Fine Arts, Montevideo, Uruguay.

1988-1991 Studies at the Club of Engraving, Montevideo, Uruguay.

1988-1989 Studies in the Studio of Dumas Orono (student at the Joaquin Torres Garcia workshop)

1990-1991 Beginning of studies in the studio of Clever Lara.

1995-1996 Studies with Master Guillermo Fernandez.

2007 Studies at  Institut supérieur de peinture Van Der Kelen, Brussels-Belgium.


1987 National Salon “75 Years of the Maccio Theater”, wins an honorable mention for one of the drawings.

1992 Wins “ The National Bank of Uruguay” award.

1997 Wins the Uruguayan Ministry of Tourism award.



May 2018- Individual exhibition in Beijing-China. Invited by the Center for Public Diplomacy and Cultural Exchange of China and the Embassy of Uruguay, the exhibition was presented within the framework of the celebration of 30 years of diplomatic relations between Uruguay and the People’s Republic of China. It counted with the presence of the Ex. Foreign Minister of Uruguay, Accountant Enrique Iglesias and authorities of the government of China.

May 2017- ARTEM EXHIBITION- Oratorio della passione,  Basilica S. Amgrogio-  “Jelmoni Studio Gallery,  MILAN-ITALY.

2017- Collective exhibition at Crypt Gallery-London.

2016- Proposte Contemporanee, Mentana Art Gallery, Florence- Italy.

2016- International Art Fair Innsbruck-Austria.

2015- Mostra Valori di continuità- Mentana Art Gallery, Florence-Italy.

October 2015- Souk des Joailliers- Beirut, Lebanon.

26th September, 2015-  Gallería Mentana, Florencia-Italia.

2014- Colective exhibition at Villa Audi- Beirut-Lebanon

2012 Exposición colectiva en “The Venue”, Beirut-Lebanon.

2011- Exhibition Hotel Conrad, Punta del Este-Uruguay.

2010 Exhibition at UNESCO, Paris-France.

 2008 Exhibition at Uruguayan  Embassy in Washington-USA.

2008 Exhibition at the Consulate General of Uruguay in New York-USA.

2007 Colective exhibition “ Etnia Contemporary Art Fair”, Brussels- Belgium.

2007 Exhibition at “ Ifa Village Gallery”, Shangai-China.

2006 Exhibition at the Borges Cultural Center, Buenos Aires-Argentina.

2005 Exhibition in Feir’s Park Hotel, Buenos Aires-Argentina.

2004 Collective exhibition at the Renato Russo Institute, Brasilia-Brasil.

2004 Permanent exhibition at the Hatman Art Space, Coral Gables, Miami.

2003 Exhibition at the Cervantes Institute, Beirut-Lebanon.

2003 Exhibition at the Francophonic-Circle of Kuwait.

2002 Permanent exhibition at the Art-Shop Gallery, Kuwait.

2002 Exhibition at Venezuelan Embassy in Kuwait.

2001 Exhibition at the Kuwait Society of Formative Arts, Kuwait.

2000 Exhibition at the Alianza Cultural Uruguay-Estados Unidos, Montevideo-Uruguay.

2000 Exhibition at the Embassy of Lebanon in Uruguay.

1999 Exhibition at he Maccio Theater in San Jose-Uruguay.

1998 Exhibition at the Embassy of Uruguay in Argentina.

1995 Exhibition in the House of Culture, Maldonado-Uruguay.

1993 Exhibition in the “Golden Hall”,  at the Argentino Hotel, Piriapolis-Uruguay.

1988 Collective exhibitions of the 25th week of the Uruguayan youth”.

1987 Collective fine arts exhibitions in Uruguay.

His paintings can be found in public institutions and private collections in Uruguay, Argentina, Brasil, Paraguay, Panama, Chile, Mexico, Lebanon, Kuwait ( Museum of Modern Art), USA, Belgium, Spain, France, China.

 Personal Information: